My work

In my works, I am interested in transmitting my own feelings and experiences, showing the good things in life such as love, peace, optimism and simplicity. I really want the spectator to get involved in my work and forget about his contemplative role.   

I mostly work with oil and acrylic with spatula, which gives my works a texture that identifies me. It invites me to play by moving it in different directions, painting layer by layer, color by color, moving the material in a playful way.  My palette contains bright and vivid colors.  

The human figure and the landscape are present, represented in free and joyful situations where they seem to be enjoying the moment.   

Ialso do watercolor and ink combined with markers and pencils, discovering amazing results.   

I would define my painting style neither figuratively nor abstractly, it is just a «coming and going». 

"Calm city"

Oil with spatula. 40 x150

The activity stops, the hugs are given virtually, the distance is felt.

Moments of reflection, of questions inside, moments of fear where faith puts us more to the test than ever, silence in the block, the purest air, the clearest water, the birds are the only visitors, they look at us smiling.

Calm, calm, the city is calm.

Let's listen to the message that he wants to give us.

She speaks into our ears like a sweet and loving grandmother…


"Let's play in the forest"

Oil with spatula. 70 x70

I needed to clear my mind, that my heart and my body will relax, and a book came into my hands, "Unleash your magic."

Painting for the sheer pleasure of painting !! because I like!

And I started to play with oil, with colors, with my spatulas ...

enjoying that moment of mine and my creation.

And thus, Let's Play in the Forest was born.


"Color afternoon"

Oil with spatula. 30x100

And I imagine myself walking around in that little town of tiny houses with colored walls, where there is siesta, afternoons of talks on the sidewalks, Sundays of mass.

The sun turning gray into light blue and dark into brightness.

Afternoons out there… somewhere.



Oil with spatula. 80x80

And yes ... I can't stop painting those little Italian towns that I like so much!

I continue traveling with the memories, I continue through Tuscany, this time through Lucca.

Of course it is not that colorinche hehe !.

But to me the color says joy, it tells me life, it says happiness.

And all that Italy gave me.



Oil with spatula. 80x80

I keep traveling with the memories.

Now I am in Siena, a city in Tuscany, with its brick-colored medieval buildings, its tower and the Piazza del Campo. Its sun, the people, the Duomo ...

To do even more honor to its name, to each color in this painting I added a touch of sienna, toasted and natural, thus achieving a color palette according to its name.


"Close but not so much"

Oil with spatula. 80x100

So many times we are close to someone but miles apart.

Each one in his own way, who knows where those thoughts go.

Or we have someone next to us without thinking that something is there.

If we look up and begin to observe, perhaps we will get a smile from the one who is serious, or we discover a wonderful person.

With this work I want to convey that, let's pay more attention to whoever is close to us, who tells you ...


"Color port"

Oil with spatula. 60x140

I started to paint this picture without really knowing where I was going.

My palette knife loaded with oil had the rudder, we wandered through different ways until we moored in this port of color

"Color circuit"

Oil with spatula. 100x100

Up there, down there, on the right or in the center.

I travel with my painting those places where I was one day.

Let them be recorded forever.

Little town on the Camino de Santiago where the color is almost monochromatic, ocher walls, tile-colored ceilings, old-fashioned aroma, tiny paths, intense inner peace.

How can I not with my genius, those tones become intense and varied colors.

Trees, shrubs, stones, and walls are now red, orange, blue, or turquoise.

Life is colored.



Oil with spatula. 70x120

Cousins ​​and brothers with whom we share life, summers, pampering and grandparents' stories, anecdotes and laughter, lots of laughter.

Containment and support in difficult times, that timely joke. But the most beautiful ... a lot of love.

Why did I paint my face? Because we can all be, tell you which are you, which is he, which is she.

I know which is which, but I keep it to myself.