He has presented his work in numerous exhibitions

in Villa Gesell, Nogoyá or Buenos Aires.


The collective exhibition of the Palermo H Gallery stands out

commemorating the poet Roberto Juarroz

and the Colors Dreams solo show,

with the Laura Haber Art Gallery,

in Julia Couzo of Puerto Madero, in 2018,

as well as the presentation in the confectionery of the Sívori Museum

from Buenos Aires, in 2019.

His artistic vocation is also presented

with a strong solidarity inspiration.

So, in his hometown, last December,

Godoy carried out Root of a Dream,

individual exhibition at the Nogoyá Museum.


On the occasion, he also held workshops

for students of the Yapeyú provincial school

and Sunday in the Sauce District with great repercussion

in the community because of the possibility that children

and girls from Entre Ríos make an expressive and participative experience.

Collaborated with three jobs at the Annual Auction

of works of art of the Association

Friends of the Museum of Plastic Arts

Eduardo Sívori from the City of Buenos Aires (2018).


Godoy, MOA and the mini-art galleries

Thousand Works of Art (MOA) is a socio-cultural project

where Godoy -along with 10 other artists-

offers 10 works to kindergartens

public or private management of the

Autonomous City of Buenos Aries.


In order that the establishments

of initial education have a

mini-gallery consisting of 10 paintings

originals by contemporary artists that

they live in the City, the ngo. Argentina MOA

-since 2019- gathers artists and public

to promote new art spaces.

Play and imagination are key aspects

in the formation of ways of being and being in the world.

This project -which is completed with Digital Ateliers and Light, Sand and Water Boxes

- seeks to strengthen the activities that inspire the invention

and promote the development of uniqueness, desires

and the pleasures from early childhood.